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About Us

Our Mission


To be the industry leader in custom built, high quality products
 and to offer cutting edge technology and revolutionary ideas that transform your everyday into extraordinary days.

Excellence and Professionalism 

At Todd's Sheds

We don't just strive to make a better quality product,
We Just Do!

We stand behind,
Our Core Values!


Passion—we take pride in each and every one of our projects.  Our professional team beams with excitement.


Innovation—we are constantly looking  at ways to improve upon the basic cookie cutter products that mass retailers offer.


Performance—we produce, deliver and install our products with an emphasis on time, efficiency and organization.


Integrity—our business is built upon   honest relations delivering the very best service and product.


Team Work—we place a great deal of emphasis on communication, valuing each of our team member’s point of view.  We also believe that the team work extends through to our customer.


We take great pride in working with you! 


Like many I have worked hard since my first job, and I have an assortment of experience, but I would have to say that selling homes has been one of the most rewarding careers I have ever had.  Second to which is working with my hands through carpentry, building and renovations.  I am sure that we all appreciate quality craftsmanship.  Being in the business of homes, I have seen my fair share of superb quality.

Homeowners take great pride and work very hard to make their home ownership a rewarding experience.   Once established – a house becomes a home! Home is a sanctuary, a place where one can create and rejuvenate.  Inside or out, a home takes on a subjective character and style which is as unique as its owners.  A home is where family and friends share and create lasting memories.

We work hard for our homes, but hard work is not so tedious when it is driven by passion, especially when you stand back and admire what you have accomplished.  Canadian’s love their homes, beyond the paint and the interior decorating, they also love to spend time in their gardens, creating that perfect oasis.

In my 19 years in the real estate business one of the major features that people look for when buying a house is the storage space.  Let’s admit–we tend to acquire a lot of gadgets, tools and toys.  In the last 20 years the back yard storage shed has taken on a new dimension.  No longer is it a place to merely store bikes, tools and rarely used items.   Today, the back yard shed not only provides function, but has become an integral feature of our outdoor living spaces. 

Cheers Todd Fitzgerald

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